May 05.17

Employee Profile: Meet Chainsaw

Careers >> Behind the Scenes

Another one of our cast of characters at LUSH, Chainsaw (otherwise known as Shannon), works in Manufacturing Management in Vancouver. >>

Vanessa Lamont
May 05.16

Vegetarian Travel Tips: Pack Your Bags and Fill Your Tummy!


For someone who loves food and travel as much as I do…let it be known that traveling to new places isn’t always easy when you are vegetarian. >>

Erin Brady
May 05.15

It's the first long weekend of Summer!


The warm weather and sunshine are finally upon us. The days are long and languid. Gone are the memories of cold, rain, sleet, and snow. Even if it was only last week. >>

Vanessa Lamont
May 05.14

Get Your Glow On

Is your skin looking a little less than luminous these days? This is the quickest way to amp up your color without hitting the beach—or coating your skin in color-changing chemicals. >>

May 05.13

Pack It Up, Pack It In

LUSH Life >> Green

No matter where you're going this summer - to the lake for a weekend, a tour of a land afar, or backcountry to pitch a tent, let us be your trusty travel companion. >>

Vanessa Lamont
May 05.13

Packing 101


Years of planning my self-expression into carry-on-sized collections for particular events have honed a few tried-and-true favorite packing tips. I use them for trips ranging from overnight to over-the-globe, and time and again they come in handy. >>

May 05.10

Homemade for Mother's Day: Baking Made with Love

LUSH Life >> Handmade

This Mother's Day remember to treat your Mum to all things that make her happy. If you're lucky enough to live close by, perhaps you'll invite her over for brunch or an old fashioned tea party. >>

Vanessa Lamont