Jun 06.7

Travel-friendly Beauty

LUSH Life >> Tips and Tricks

I've been to 15 countries in the past four years (!) and with all of the packing, unpacking, re-packing and airport security lines, I've learned a few lessons in the practicalities of travelling smarter. >>

Jun 06.6

Building Hope and Homes in New Orleans

Charity Pot

Sarah Levitin, from our Retail Support Team had a dream to go to New Orleans. When she finally got there she brought some friends from LUSH and they went to work trying to make a difference. This is her story. >>

Julia Hamfelt
Jun 06.6

Treat your feet at home with Happy Feet

Foot Care

Prep your toes for flip flops, strappy sandals and quality barefoot time with our Limited edition Happy Feet gift. >>

Katy Cobb
Jun 06.5

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Green >> LUSH Life

Come through our virtual garden gate, to our Pinterest board How Does Your Garden Grow? for a tour of our virtual dream garden. >>

Jun 06.4

We're Celebrating National Pride Month!

Community >> LUSH Life

So many wonderful dates and occasions happen in June - from Summer Solstice, Father's Day, graduations, to Flag Day and more - but it's also National Pride Month and we're got lots of reasons to celebrate! >>

Vanessa Lamont
Jun 06.1

Good Grub: Vegan and Vegetarian Food Festivals

Vegan >> Community >> LUSH Life

The summer season is chock full of Vegan and Vegetarian Food Festivals to discover (or just re-savor) delicious offerings from local businesses in a boisterous street festival setting. >>

May 05.31

A Vegan Challenge: My Ghost-free Journey Journal

Charity Pot

This month, 30 LUSH employees from around Vancouver teamed up to take a vegan, ghost-free journey with our Charity Pot partners, The Ghosts in our Machine. The goal is to to think critically about the choices that you make when it comes to what you eat, what you wear, and what you purchase. >>

Laura Grafton