May 05.8

Jasmine Polsinelli: Fighting for a Fur-Free Canada

Charity Pot >> Community

“My goal is to stop the fur trade in Canada by the time I’m 20.” 11-year-old Jasmine Polsinelli has set an aggressive goal, but her dedication to animal rights makes it clear that she intends to accomplish it. >>

Katy Cobb
May 05.8

5 Tubs To Soak Your Imagination In


Did you know LUSH is on Pinterest? Our board for Dream Bathrooms is where our favorite fantasy settings abound. >>

May 05.7

Grow Your Own LUSH Herb Garden

LUSH Life >> Green

Herb's the word. It's the perfect weather to start your own herb garden - you can cultivate one outside, or indoors no matter how much space you have. Get started with a few tips to grow your own LUSH Garden. >>

May 05.5

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


May’s famous festival is an annual remembrance of an unlikely victory, May 5, 1862 in Puebla, Mexico. If you can’t get to Puebla this year, you can still enjoy a LUSH Fiesta! >>

May 05.3

Nominations open for the 2013 LUSH Prize!

2012 was the inaugural year of the LUSH Prize, and we're proud to say that it's the biggest international annual prize in the non-animal testing sector. A further £250,000 will be available this year. >>

Vanessa Lamont
May 05.3

Second Chances Wildlife Center shares love on Mother’s day

Charity Pot

In honor of all Mom's - human or furry, we're excited to share the story of Second Chances, our Charity Pot partner. Founder and Director, Brigette Williams joins the LUSH blog. >>

Vanessa Lamont
May 05.1

10 Things You Might Not Know About Asparagus

LUSH Facts >> LUSH Life

A crown jewel of the spring crop, asparagus is enjoyed in cuisine around the world. It’s more than just a mouth-watering veggie with a ton of nutrients, though. >>