Jun 06.20

Our Top Tips for Summer Skin and Hair

Tips and Tricks >> LUSH Life

We love summer but the temperature, humidity, and sunshine can wreak havoc on our skin and hair. Here are our top recommendations for keeping your skin and hair in top condition. >>

Vanessa Lamont
Jun 06.19

More DIY popsicles: LUSH summer recipes

LUSH Life >> DIY

We’re back with part 2 of our LUSH summer recipe series! As promised, we’ve created 3 more LUSH-inspired popsicle recipes to help you keep cool and enjoy the season to the fullest. >>

Katy Cobb
Jun 06.18

10 Things You Might Not Know About Patchouli

LUSH Facts

There are plenty of uses and associations for patchouli and the distinct essence it carries. Turn over a new green leaf on Patchouli with these ten tidbits. >>

Jun 06.15

Employee Profiles: LUSH Dads

LUSH Life >> Careers

This Father’s Day, we tip our hats to all of those LUSH gents that bring so much to their jobs and co-workers, as well as their beautiful families at home. >>

Jun 06.14

Meeting Jane Goodall: Animal Welfare Hero

Without knowing it, employees at LUSH helped to fulfill a dream twenty years in the making… Zen Lee joins the LUSH Blog to share her story about meeting her hero, Jane Goodall. >>

Jun 06.13

Gorilla Perfumes: Meet our Perfume Panel

LUSH Life >> Gorilla Perfume

We asked several renowned perfume lovers from around our business to spritz us with their favorite scents and tell us what they mean to them. >>

Jun 06.12

Make it: DIY popsicles

LUSH Life >> DIY

Summer is just around the corner and we’ve got popsicles! >>

Katy Cobb