Jul 07.20

How to choose your shampoo

Tips and Tricks

Leigh from our Training Team helps you find the right shampoo for you! >>

Leigh Casbourne
Jul 07.17

Meet Kassia Meador

Lush Life

We chat with pro longboarder Kassia Meador about life in the ocean. >>

Tasha Dennis
Jul 07.16

6 beach bag essentials


Heading to the beach? Don’t forget these! >>

Katy Cobb
Jul 07.14

6 common shark myths debunked

Ethical Campaigns

Think you know sharks? You could be myth-taken! >>

Jul 07.13

Phoebe Dykstra visits Lush

Lush Life

Phoebe Dykstra visits Lush >>

Tasha Dennis
Jul 07.9

5 reasons to hop in the tub this summer

Tips and Tricks >> DIY

Need a break from the hot, hot summer heat? Take a bath! >>

Katy Cobb
Jul 07.8

Lush Guide to: Québec City

Lush Life

With its rich culture and history, the first city in North America is full of excitement and a whole lot of charm. >>