Aug 08.23

Monitoring Sea Turtles with RED Sustainable Travel

Charity Pot >> Community

LUSH staff traveled to Magdalena Bay, Baja to embark on a conservation adventure with LUSH Charity Pot partners, RED Sustainable Travel. >>

Aug 08.20

10 Things You Might Not Know About Avocados

LUSH Facts >> Tips and Tricks

It’s hard to narrow down our favorite things about them, but there are at least 10 reasons why avocados are anything but the pits. >>

Aug 08.18

Give Yourself a Helping Hand!

Product Use

When we think of skincare routines, our face is normally our first concern. While that pretty face of yours is certainly important, your hands deserve some love too! >>

Katy Cobb
Aug 08.16

Join us for National Honey Bee Day

Charity Pot

On August 17th, we created a buzz and celebrated with Charity Pot partner, Honey Love! >>

Vanessa Lamont
Aug 08.14

Coneybeare Honey: Get the Buzz on our Honey Supplier

We're definitely sweet on honey! We buy over 5,505 kg of honey each year for its moisturizing, reparative and antimicrobial properties. >>

Julia Hamfelt
Aug 08.13

Going camping? Take LUSH with you!

LUSH Life >> Tips and Tricks

Camping gives us a chance to reconnect with nature, enjoy the earth and refresh our spirits. >>

Katy Cobb
Aug 08.12

Exfoliate; Get your Scrub on!

Product trainer Amanda Sipenock shares with us why exfoliating with beautiful, natural ingredients is so important for the skin. >>

Loranda Vazquez