May 05.24

The Man Loves Turtles: An Interview with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Charity Pot

A marine biologist, wildlife conservationist and one of the world's leading experts on sea turtles, Dr. Nichols stopped by LUSH HQ to share his passion for the ocean and its inhabitants. >>

Julia Hamfelt
May 05.23

Memorial Day: Extend Your Weekend With LUSH


There’s a million ways to enjoy any weekend, but we especially love a long, lingering one. Here are a few great ways to make the weekend last even longer! >>

May 05.22

Easy Compost Tips: Whip Up A Smoothie

LUSH Life >> Green

It's easy to be green these days. Our LUSH Kitchens and head offices all compost, and our shops do so whenever possible as well. There's always more we can do, though. >>

May 05.21

Pedalling for Papua

Charity Pot

This week, Jeremy Bally is joining the LUSH blog just as he prepares for another incredible adventure with Pedalling for Papua. We're proud to have Jeremy and his incredible organization as part of our Charity Pot family. >>

Vanessa Lamont
May 05.20

10 Things You Might Not Know About Strawberries

LUSH Facts

Strawberries are versatile, flavor-packed, and rich in all kinds of healthy nutrients. No wonder they wear their seeds inside-out, they just have that much to offer! >>

May 05.17

Employee Profile: Meet Chainsaw

Careers >> Behind the Scenes

Another one of our cast of characters at LUSH, Chainsaw (otherwise known as Shannon), works in Manufacturing Management in Vancouver. >>

Vanessa Lamont
May 05.16

Vegetarian Travel Tips: Pack Your Bags and Fill Your Tummy!


For someone who loves food and travel as much as I do…let it be known that traveling to new places isn’t always easy when you are vegetarian. >>

Erin Brady