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Jun 06.26

Lush guide to: Pride

Posted In: Lush Life

Heading to Pride? Check out these cities! >>

Jun 06.24

Meet our partner: All Out

Posted In: Ethical Campaigns

All about All Out! >>

Jun 06.22

Breaking news: Humane Cosmetics Act introduced

Posted In: Cruelty-free

Support the bill and #BeCrueltyFree! >>

Jun 06.22

Lush guide to: Toronto

Posted In: LUSH Life

Visiting Toronto? >>

Jun 06.15

5 great gift ideas for Dad

Posted In: Lush Life

Can’t think of a Father’s Day gift? Never fear, we’ve got some here! >>

Jun 06.12

Raising awareness with Ottawa Riverkeeper

Posted In: Ethical Campaigns

Meet this Canadian charity dedicated to fighting microbead pollution >>

Jun 06.8

Organizing a beach cleanup in your community

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Community

For every seashell on our beaches, there is a piece of plastic. All this litter is damaging sensitive shoreline ecosystems, hurting marine life and threatening the well-being of beachgoers. Here are some tips and tricks for organizing a beach cleanup in your area! >>