Critter Care Wildlife Society

Critter Care Wildlife Society provides short and long term care to native mammal species in Langley, B.C. Through rehabilitation and public education, CCWS helps prevent suffering of injured and orphaned wildlife. Over the past 20 years, thousands of mammals have been cared for; the center admits all native mammals including black bear cubs. Each year, mammals who have been injured or orphaned come into care. Most of them are babies who are bottle-fed and cared for around the clock by volunteers, then released once they have matured and have become healthy enough to survive in the wild.

How We Helped

The donations from LUSH were used to purchase species-specific animal formula. The vast majority of the babies that enter the CCWS are hand-fed by caring interns who devote two to twelve months of their time to care for the mammal babies. Each baby has its own bottle and is individually monitored for consumption and weight gain. When the nursery is full, it holds up to three hundred babies at once, many of which are being fed every two hours throughout the night, which requires a lot of formula (and a lot of dedication on the part of the intern mums and dads!). Since LUSH headquarters is just an hour away, many of our staff have volunteered their time at Critter Care!

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