Furbearer Defenders

Fur Bearer Defenders work to end the commercial fur trade by exposing trapping cruelty and through protecting fur-bearing animals in the wild or in confinement. They aim to abolish the commercial fashion fur trade, ban the import and sale of domestic dog and cat fur in Canada, and create opportunities to co-exist with urban wildlife.

How We Helped

In June of 2010, LUSH contributed money towards funds that were required to support a public awareness campaign for Bill C-439 that would amend the Hazardous Products Act to include cat and dog fur. If passed, this would prevent cat and dog fur from being imported and sold in Canada. Elements of the campaign included postcards, online petition and Awareness Ads.

Further funds went to support Fur Bearer Defenders second annual Living with Wildlife Conference in Toronto that hosted 180 people. This event, the largest of its kind in Canada, brought together experts from across North America to discuss non-lethal strategies to cope with the increasing populations of wild animals living in urban communities. In addition, several LUSH staff volunteered their day to help with the conference, and LUSH donated shower gel as a thank you to everyone that attended the conference.