OELO was formed when a small group of Gabonese residents from the lake region gathered to brainstorm ways to protect their environment for future generations. OELO’s first project became an ecotourism site, Tsam Tsam, to create a source of revenue for local residents through protecting biodiversity. Over the course of four years OELO’s mission has expanded to: 1) Protect biodiversity and ecosystem services for future generations, 2) Foster environmental awareness in local communities, 3) Inspire the next generation to become environmental stewards, and 4) Help lake region residents to generate income through the sustainable use of resources.

How We Helped

Lush's donation has allowed OELO to build an environmental education program in 14 primary and secondary schools in the Lambaréné region focusing on protected species. With Lush funding student-led nature clubs were created in 2014, as well as the first annual World Environment Day for these student groups to showcase their efforts. Lush funding has also allowed OELE to host student groups at their ecotourism site, Tsam Tsam, on Lake Oguemoué to inspire pride in the local environment.