The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project focus on prevention to help ensure that children are never exploited to begin with. Over time, SOLD has identified key factors that place a child at risk—like poverty, lack of education, and the absence of positive role models—and has developed a holistic prevention model to address those risk factors, called The Freedom Project. The Freedom Project is focused in northern Thailand and based out of The SOLD Project's Resource Center, where they offer educational scholarships to children who couldn't otherwise afford to stay in school. Every weekday, the local Thai staff provides after-school programs, classes, mentorship, and other tools kids need to succeed in life and avoid the path to exploitation. By partnering with and investing in local communities, The SOLD Project helps kids break the cycle of poverty and achieve things they'd never previously dared to dream.

How We Helped

Funds from Charity Pot go towards the Resource Center for after school programs in Chang Rai, Thailand for prevention training for children and families on child prostitution and trafficking.