TREC Education

TREC Education is a registered charity delivering renewable energy education programs to youth, adults and communities in Ontario, Canada. TREC Education leads innovative programming using solar and wind power technology and hands-on learning to explain the science and benefits of renewable energy, mitigate climate change and promote energy conservation. Our central programs focus on educating youth aged 6-14. We also provide career exploration and employment training workshops to high school students and Indigenous people. TREC Education's programs reach more than 10,000 students and family members every year –– creating real life connections about the relationship between energy and environment.

How We Helped

Donations from LUSH went to support green energy education at the Kids World of Energy Festival. This festival is a dynamic, engaging event in which 77 classes from across the Greater Toronto Area (an estimated 2000 students, teachers and parents) as well as many thousands of members of the public, come together to explore energy, conservation, the environment and how they intertwine.