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Fresh Kelp Seaweed Infusion (Laminaria digitata)

Fresh Kelp Seaweed Infusion (Laminaria digitata) ingredient image

Fresh Kelp Seaweed Infusion (Laminaria digitata)

Kelp seaweed is an extremely fast growing plant and is thought to be the fastest growing plant in the sea or on land. It grows as fast as 2ft per day and can grow up to around 1000ft long. It is often used to add flavour to foods and added to supplements, as it is so high in minerals essential to good health.

Kelp contains chlorophyll and essential fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals.

We immerse the fresh kelp in boiled water to produce a nutritious gel infusion to use in our products.

Therapists have used seaweed to keep skin and hair looking young and healthy.

We use kelp seaweed in an infusion in our Ultralighthand and body lotion for its nutritious content and soothing effect on the body.