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Menthol is a white, crystalline, aromatic compound obtained from Mentha arvensis (corn mint, field mint).

It has analgesic, pain-relieving, revitalizing and soothing properties. Applied topically, menthol cools the skin and can alleviate headaches. It is thought that menthol generates the cooling, analgesic sensation by dilating the blood vessels and stimulating sensory nerve endings.

Menthol was known in Japan 2000 years before it was widely used globally. Today, menthol is obtained by freezing mint oil and physically separating the crystals using a centrifuge. Menthol can also be produced synthetically.

Menthol is an important flavoring chemical, and is used in chewing gum, throat sweets, toothpastes, shaving lotions and skin ointments. It is also used in some natural headache remedies and as a mild analgesic for mouth irritations. Topical application is said to dilate blood vessels and feels cooling and refreshing on the skin.

Its refreshing, reviving and tension-relieving qualities make menthol a great ingredient in products designed to uplift the mood and relieve stress. Menthol stimulates blood vessels; it is excellent when used in products that come into contact with the scalp, such as shampoos and massage oils.

We use menthol to stimulate the scalp in our Recon hair treatment.