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Geraniol is a colorless liquid; it has a sweet, rose-like odor and occurs naturally in essential oils, such as geranium, rose and lemon.

Perfume gives our products part of their unique identity. The fragrance ingredients are beneficial to the skin, the hair and the senses.

As a fragrance material itself, it is used in floral perfumes. It occurs naturally in some of the essential oils we use. We use it as a fragrance material.

Geraniol fragrance occurs in products across our range as a constituent of essential oils. It can be found in our Avobath Bath Bomb and Amandopondo Bubble Bar, adding a deliciously sweet fragrance.

The fragrance can be found in our Karma Komba shampoo bar; our Karma soap and Flying Fox shower gel also contain geraniol.

Our Prince Triple Blossom shaving cream, best-seller Dream Cream, Charity Pot, Coalface cleanser and Therapy massage bars are all fragranced with geraniol, among others, as a constituent of essential oils.

It is also found in our Les Cacas No Sh*t hair colors range.