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Lentil Decoction (Lens esculenta)

Lentil Decoction (Lens esculenta) ingredient image

The lentil plant (Lens esculenta) itself is an annual, small and bushy legume of the pea family (Leguminosae). Its flowers are white or pale blue, containing lens-shaped seeds. They were thought to have originated in the Near East or Mediterranean region.

The optical lens was named after the seeds.

Lentils are sold and used in many forms: with or without skins, whole or split. Lentil production is centred in Asia. Lentil types are varied and over fifty are grown in India alone.

The lentil is protein rich, second only to the soya bean. It is popular in India because of its vegetarian population.

More recently, lentils have grown in popularity in Europe and the United States. In these parts of the world, the red, brown and green lentils are the popular varieties. They are good for the heart and are easily digested, producing less gas in your digestive system than beans.

Throughout time, lentils have uses beyond the culinary. The Egyptians believed them to have aphrodisiac and mind-enhancing properties; Roman women used a beauty paste made of honey and lentils to lighten their skin; Indian and Middle Eastern women have used lentils in beauty preparations and hair care for centuries.

As well as being protein rich, lentils are also low in fat and full of fibre, folic acid and iron.

Lentils are a rich vegetable source of protein, an essential building block in living systems.

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