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Tapioca Flour

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Tapioca flour is obtained from the tuberous root of the cassava (Manihot esculenta) plant which is also known as Brazilian arrowroot, and yucca.

The sweet roots can be cooked and eaten as vegetables.

Tapioca can be cooked as a pudding for a light nutritious and easily digested dessert.

Manihot esculenta is a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae or spurge family which also includes the para rubber tree and the well known house plant poinsettia. It is thought to be native to South America.

The flour (or manioc starch) is used as a thickening agent in industries around the world.

Our tapioca flour comes from Thailand. It is organic and comes to us as a finely ground white powder.

We use tapioca powder to products where its absorbent qualities would be most beneficial.

Our Coconut deodorant powder contains tapioca flour, and other microfine powders, to absorb sweat caused by perspiration.