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Lavender Vinegar (Lavandula augustifolia)

Lavender Vinegar (Lavandula augustifolia) ingredient image

Our lavender flowers (Lavandula angustifolia) are commercially cultivated in Provence, France.

This broad compact cultivar has strongly scented violet flowers in summer. The flowers are spikes about 30cm long, on stems 50cm high. Lavender is very popular for herb gardens, and some can be used for hedging.

Vinegar is a sour liquid made by fermenting naturally produced acetic acid with natural materials.

Acetic acid is a solvent of many organic substances, and will dissolve many of the aromatic oils, esters, gums, and balsamic resins from plants where water will not; vinegar also contains water, which will complete the extraction so that nearly all of the herb’s relevant constituents are available.

Lavender flowers are put into cider vinegar, left for two weeks, after which the liquid is strained. This is then diluted with water to make the lavender vinegar.

Lavender is very gentle and recognized for its ability to calm skin.

Using various vinegars for cosmetic purposes goes back centuries - vinegars are highly acidic and act as a preservative in natural cosmetics.

Vinegars were an integral part of ancient hair rinses and skin treatments.

We use lavender vinegar in our Forever In Bloom conditioner to tone and stimulate the scalp.