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Brunello Lily infusion (Lilium Asiatic 'Brunello')

Brunello Lily infusion (Lilium Asiatic  'Brunello') ingredient image

Brunello Lily Infusion

Brunello lily (Lilium asiatic - 'brunello') is one of many lily hybrids and prized as an ornamental plant. This variety grows pallid green stems with green markings; it forms large and vibrant reddish-orange flowers in the summer.

True lilies belong to the same family (Liliaceae) as onion, leek, garlic, and chives. The plant has similar antimicrobial qualities to garlic.

Lilies are one of the oldest cultivated plants. In China and Japan, they are grown for culinary uses and their bulbs have been eaten for centuries. The taste is reportedly akin to a parsnip or a potato.

We take the brunello lily flowers, chop them and add to hot boiled water to make our Brunello lily infusion.

Tinctures, poultices, ointments and salves can be made from the flowers and bulbs to treat many complaints.

Lilies have astringent properties (they shrink or constrict tissue or blood vessels) and some species are said to have analgesic (pain relieving) properties.

Treatments made from the plant have been used internally for menstrual pains, haemorrhoids and bronchial diseases; externally, they are traditionally used for hair loss, wounds, warts and broken capillaries.

Lilies have several traditional medicinal uses. Herbalists use lily to aid irritated or inflamed skin.

Lily is said to have skin tightening properties and some old beauty recipes suggest blending it with honey, or other softening ingredients, into a face mask.