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Organic Ground Paprika (Capsicum frutescens)

Organic Ground Paprika (Capsicum frutescens) ingredient image

Native to South America, sweet garden peppers (Capsicum annuum) have been cultivated there since at least the Inca civilization. Now spread worldwide, they are especially popular in Hungary.

Paprika powder is made from dried, ground sweet garden peppers. Garden peppers are not related to the vine that yields the spice we know as black pepper.

Organic paprika powder is made from plants grown without conventional pesticides or fungicides.

Garden peppers come in many colors and shapes.

Most paprika powders are mild because the seeds and inner parts are left out, but there are Hungarian varieties made with the whole fruit that give more of a kick.

Paprika powder and paprika extracts are used as natural colorings in the food industry. You might find paprika in your pasta sauce or ice cream. We use paprika to add color to our soap, bath and beauty products.