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Davana Oil (Artemisia pallens)

Davana Oil (Artemisia pallens) ingredient image

Davana Oil (Artemesia pallens)

Davana is native to India and belongs to the aster (Asteraceae syn. Compositae) plant family.

It is a small plant that grows up to approximately 60cm in height and bears silvery-grey to blue leaves and many small yellow flowers.

The essential oil is obtained from the leaves and flowering tops by steam distillation.

Davana oil is a dark yellow to brown liquid with a sweet and fruity aroma. Its main constituents are davanone and linalool.

This oil is used in perfumery in chypre and fougere fragrances, which may include strongly colored ingredients like labdanum and oakmoss.

Aromatherapists use davana as emotionally balancing oil and for its soothing effect on the skin.

In Indian folk medicine it was also recommended for diabetes.

We use davana oil for its soothing properties and its warm citrus scent.