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Sulphur Powder

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Sulphur is one of the oldest natural remedies still in use today, and is known to alleviate a whole range of ailments. It has traditionally been used to treat especially dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

In St Lucia, home of the famous sulphur springs, it has been used for centuries in beauty products to give healthy skin.

Sulphur powder can be used as a natural fungicide and pesticide on fruits and vegetables.

Sulphur is also used to vulcanize rubber, making it less sticky and brittle, and as an ingredient in both matches and gunpowder.

Traditionally, sulphur has been used in medicinal ointments and we use the same pure grade in our product, the charmingly named ‘Flowers of Sulphur.’

The sulphur springs are renowned for their rejuvenating properties; locals regularly bathe in the water to help release toxins from their bodies and keep their skin looking at its best.

These natural springs are also thought to help keep fingernails and hair strong.

Pure sulphur has a distinctive smell that is often referred to as ‘rotten eggs’, we prefer to think of it as burnt matches. Don’t worry, though; our products boast a handcrafted fragrance that means it’s the therapeutic effects and not the smell that you’ll take away from your ablutions.