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Fresh Satsumas (Cutrus reticulata)

Fresh Satsumas (Cutrus reticulata) ingredient image

Fresh Satsumas (Citrus reticulata)

Satsumas are found on evergreen trees, which may grow up to 6 metres tall, belonging to the Rutaceae plant family. It has green leaves, white flowers and orange fruits. Though native to China, this plant is now cultivated across Europe.

They are seedless fruits and are very easy to peel.

It is a close relation to the mandarin.

Satsuma juice is a source of natural fruit acid (citric acid). Pectin is isolated from the inner peel. This is used as a gelling agent in food and cosmetics, and it is an important ingredient in medicine, too. The peel and white pith contain an important flavonoid called hesperedin, which is under investigation by scientists because it has shown antioxidant and anti fungal properties.