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Red Wine

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Red wine is an alcoholic beverage that is produced and consumed all over the world. It is made from fermented red grape. Wine consumption is steeped in history and religion, and the earliest known production dates back to 6000BC.

The grape juice is fermented with yeast, which converts the natural sugars into alcohol. The color comes from the skin of the grapes. After the grapes have been harvested and juiced, there are many different stages to create the finished product, including aging processes lasting between nine months and two and half years.

Wine is made from one of the varieties of the European species Vitis vinifera. This species is cultivated on every continent except Antarctica.

France, Italy and Spain are the largest wine producing countries, as they have the optimum climate.

Viticulture is the science, production and study of grapes. Each vineyard has a viticulturist who is involved with controlling pests, diseases, fruit management and development.

We source vegan wine whose fining process utilizes compressed paper, clay and other plant based alternatives. Fining agents may be used to help clarify the final product. Normal fining agents include fish swim bladders, casein, egg whites, gelatine, milk and blood.

Grape skin and seeds are said to contain cell-renewing polyphenols and resveratrols, which are known to brighten the complexion and improve skin health. It has been suggested that drinking moderate amounts of red wine can be good for your and helps to reduce risk of heart disease.