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Carrot Oil (Daucus carota)

Carrot Oil (Daucus carota) ingredient image

Carrot seed oil (Daucus carota)

Carrot seed oil is a pale yellow liquid obtained by steam distillation.

The wild carrot is found in Asia, North Africa and Europe. It shares its Latin name with the commercially cultivated carrot, but it is actually its wild ancestor.

It is sometimes called Queen Anne’s lace in North America. The clusters of tiny white flowers look like lace and the red dots represent the blood where Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle.

It has a slightly sweet and earthy aroma.

Can be used to condition hair, skin and gums.

Carrot seed oil contains carotene and vitamin A.

Carrot seed oil has traditionally been used by aromatherapists to help dry and itchy skin conditions and to help heal burns.

It has also been widely used as moisturizing oil for mature skins.