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Spearmint Oil (Mentha viridis)

Spearmint Oil (Mentha viridis) ingredient image

Spearmint oil (Mentha Viridisviridis) belongs to the Labiatae plant family.

It is extracted from the flowering tops of the plant by steam distillation.

This herb grows up to approximately 3 feet tall with green leaves and pink or purple flowers.

It is native to the Mediterranean and has a sweet, mint-like aroma. We use Chinese Spearmint spearmint oil.

Spearmint oil is used to flavour chewing gum, toothpaste, sweets, and to modify peppermint, which is then known as doublemint.

In perfumery, spearmint is used in blends with lavender and jasmine. It is popular as a soap perfume and we have used this mint in our Demon in the Dark soap.

Aromatherapists use it to used to treat digestive problems, skin conditions, headaches and stress.

For their ability to refresh the skin, wWe’ve combined spearmint, fresh mint and peppermint oils in our mint mint-chocolate Cupcake Fresh Face Mask. The oils refresh and enliven the skin.

We use spearmint (and other mint oils) in both our Fair Trade Foot Lotion to cool down and revive the feet after a long, hard day.