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Sodium stearate is the sodium salt of stearic acid. It is a fine, white powder.

It is used in soaps, color cosmetics, deodorants and in hair and skin care products.

Sodium stearate stabilizes emulsions, which means it stops them from separating into the oil and water-based components.

It turns products opaque and thickens them.

In shampoos and other foaming products, sodium stearate helps to create luxurious, thick foam.

We’ve used sodium stearate across our entire range of handmade soaps for its stabilizing and thickening properties and its ability to make a product opaque.

We also use it to create creamy white foam.

We have used sodium stearate in our Honey I Washed the Kids, Miranda and Ice Blue soap for a luxurious foam and to thicken the mixture.