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Frankincense Oil (Boswelia carterii)

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Frankincense oil (Boswellia carterii)

Frankincense oil (Boswellia carterii) is sometimes known as olibanum oil.

This oil is a natural oleo-gum-resin. Incisions are made in the bark of the Boswelli carterii tree and the gum oozes out to form a solid resin.

Frankincense oil is obtained from the tree’s resin through steam distillation.

Once distilled, the oil is pale yellow in color and it has a fresh, fruity and woody aroma. The main constituents are α-pinene and limonene.

In perfumery, it is used for its rich, sweet, woody, balsamic undertone.

Olibanum can be found growing in the regions surrounding the Red Sea, Somalia and Ethiopia.

In early Middle Eastern cultures, frankincense had numerous domestic, medicinal and ritual uses. In Chinese medicine it is used for skin eruptions and injuries. Ayurvedic medicine regards it as rejuvenating.

Aromatherapists use it for its astringent, expectorant and antiseptic properties on the skin. It is used to combat respiratory problems and to fight infection.

We used frankincense oil for its fresh fragrance in our Retro Blue Skies shower gel and in our refreshing Happy Hippy shower gel.

Our Blackberry Bath Bomb contains frankincense oil for its fruity notes.