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Alkanet Extract (Alkanna tinctoria)

Alkanet Extract (Alkanna tinctoria) ingredient image

Alkanet Extract (Alkanna tinctoria)

Alkanna tinctoria is known as orchanet, dyer’s bugloss and Spanish bugloss.

It is considered a weed and grows in similar sorts of places or wastelands.

A red dye (extracted from the root) was used in Central and Southern Europe as a dye to stain wood, and for colouring medicines.

Alkanet is said to be both an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory.

It is a beautiful pink in color.

We soak alkanet in almond oil or castor oil to extract the color. This extract is then used in skin or haircare products.

The extract is used in the Imperialis skin cream to help create a rich, soothing treatment for the skin.

We use the extract to add a pink color to our Helping Hands hand cream.