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Arnica Montana Infusion (Arnica montana)

Arnica Montana Infusion (Arnica montana) ingredient image

Arnica Infusion (Arnica montana)

Arnica (Arnica montana) is also known as Leopard’s leopard’s bane and mountain tobacco.

Its name likely comes from the Greek, ‘arnakis,’ meaning ‘lamb skin,’ a reference to its soft leaves.

It is an aromatic perennial, producing golden flowers in summer. It grows in European mountains.

When fully opened, the flowers are picked and used in various products.

To make our infusion, we take the dried flowers and add boiling water; this is strained and allowed to cool, ready for use in our products.

Arnica has been used as a popular remedy for bruises and sprains for hundreds of years.

This aromatic, bitter, astringent herb stimulates the immune system and relieves pain. It can also alleviate inflammation and clear fungal and bacterial infections.

We use arnica infusion in our Fair Trade Foot Lotion to improve the condition of every part of the foot, and to ease weary feet after exercise.