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Cade oil (Juniperus oxycedrus)

Cade is a species of Juniper that grows in rocky areas and is native to many parts of the world, including Morocco, France and Portugal.

Cade oil is known as juniper tar.

It is obtained through distillation of the wood of the small shrubs. The distillate is stands for 15-20 days, during which it separates into three layers. The lowest layer is formed of tar, the middle is aqueous, and the top one is an oily layer, which is known as the oil of cade. The oil is reddish-brown or blackish in colour and has a strong, smoky aroma.

Cade oil is a highly effective fungicidal and antiseptic. It is sometimes referred to as 'nature’s coal tar.

We use it in our Soak and Float solid shampoo bar for its antimicrobial effect. Soak and Float can help alleviate the symptoms associated with itchy scalp conditions and dandruff. Cade oil deals with the microbes at the root of the problem.

Cade oil is said to soothe irritated eczema and may help to treat eczema on the scalp.