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  • Butter up your buttercup with two of our sweetest sellers
    This beautiful box makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Two of our all-time, best-selling products come together to delight the skin and senses: our irresistible, cocoa-butter flecked Butterball Bath Bomb and a slice of our mouth-watering Honey I
  • Caramel and honey soap to clean up the whole family
    Honey I Washed the Kids is one of our best-selling soaps because it’s simply irresistible. People who fully intended to walk past a LUSH shop find themselves unable to resist its sweet caramel fragrance. You’ll inhale, drool, pick up a big chunk and
    Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
  • Sweet caramel bomb for out-of-this-world baths
    Paint the swirling colors of the night sky in your tub with this multicolored Bath Bomb. Drop it in your bath and watch as it shoots every which way, releasing multiple colors before leaving behind a blazing trail of silver luster. As the spinning
    • This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
    Shoot for the Stars

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