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  • Gorgeous vanilla bomb for softer, sweeter skin
    Our vanilla-scented Bath Bomb is anything but boring when you lay back into a cozy white blanket of creamy, buttery froth. This little fizzer is the ultimate in comfort with chunks of creamy cocoa butter; it’s fantastic for rehydrating dry skin.
    • This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
  • Start romance off with crimson red lips
    All romances start with one, so why shouldn't it be the most life-changing kiss you've ever had? Tint your lips with fresh apple infusion, warming cinnamon and a hint of white chocolate. Inspired by a certain apple-biting princess, It Started With A
    • This product may melt if shipped to a warm location.
    It Started with a Kiss
  • Fight troubled skin with an arsenal of tea tree and garlic
    Spots! Oily areas! Blackheads! The frustration of having breakout prone skin can incite aggressive, ‘industrial’ type cleaning. Unfortunately, breakout prone skin is often very sensitive, so using harsh cleansers can actually make the problem worse.
    Cosmetic Warrior
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