How to choose your scrub

Rough and tough or a gentle genius?
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When our skin is feeling a little dull, we love a good scrub to help it look vibrant and feel refreshed again.

At Lush, we choose naturally exfoliating ingredients in all of our scrubby cleansers instead of plastic microbeads, so you can scrub up without harming the environment. With such a wide variety of products to choose from, it’s handy to know what ingredients to look for.

Like it rough?

It’s not necessary to exfoliate every day, but when you do, we've got a gritty scrub for that! For a truly invigorating face and body scrub, Ocean Salt really can’t be beat. We pack it full of coarse sea salt to help slough away dead skin to leave it looking smooth and soft.

Another serious scrubber is our Sandstone soap – in fact, it’s the scrubbiest soap we make. Sandstone was inspired by bathing beach beauties in Brazil who mix sand with their tanning oil and scrub up to keep their skin as smooth as silk. This one is so scrubby, we recommend using it only on your not-so-sensitive bits.

Looking for something to treat those tougher spots like elbows and feet? Try Sugar Scrub or Pumice Power. Sugar Scrub features coarse granulated fair trade sugar to buff away dead skin, while the pumice Pumice Power is excellent for exfoliating your soles.

Ocean Salt in use

Ocean Salt in use

Gentle giants

For everyday exfoliation, we suggest choosing a scrub with gentler ingredients, like the charcoal you’ll find in Dark Angels. Charcoal gently rids your skin of dead skin cells, and also absorbs excess oil to leave troubled skin looking clear and balanced.

The maize flour in Let the Good Times Roll is another favorite that’s gentle enough for everyday cleansing. It gives this cleanser a soft consistency while also effectively cleansing the skin and scrubbing away excess dirt, leaving skin clean and soft.

Ground almonds and ground aduki beans are gentle exfoliants that offer a little more than a gentle scrub. Our Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask and Buffy Body Butter each contain one or both of these ingredients to slay those dead skin cells. They remove the buildup of dry skin that can clog your pores and cause impurities, and also help polish the skin so it looks healthy and renewed.

Lips cracked and dry? We’ve got exfoliating products for that, too! Pick up any of our lip scrubs; castor sugar is the first ingredient that helps keep those kissers smooth and ready for lip balm, lipstick … or kissing. And the best part? You simply lick the Bubblegum, Popcorn or Mint Julips flavor off when you’re done.

Need more help finding one that's right for you? Make your way to your local Lush shop or contact our Customer Care team at 1-888-733-5874 to learn even more about natural exfoliants.

We choose naturally exfoliating ingredients in all of our scrubby cleansers instead of plastic microbeads.
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