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Traveling gives you a unique opportunity to explore the world, experience new sights, sounds and – with the help of some beautiful Lush goodies – scents. Make your next trip a breeze by packing and traveling with our innovative products.

Lather up with innovative soaps

Although packing a small bottle of shower gel is standard practice for some travellers, there are those of us who prefer good ol’ fashioned soap! Throw a few fragrant slices of soap in your bag to keep all your belongings smelling fresh no matter how long you’ve been on the road. If you’re on edge after a hectic day of travel, Serendipity’s calming lavender and chamomile will bring you back from the brink. Need a pick-me-up to wake up your jetlagged brain? Outback Mate is made with a blend of invigorating eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint to perk you right up.

Travel leak-free with solid haircare

Packing bottles of shampoo and conditioner into your luggage can be a gamble: nobody wants to find a soapy mess when unpacking their bag. Avoid a sticky situation with our diverse range of solid shampoos and conditioners, which you can confidently throw into your carry-on with no fear of a leak.

Jess lathering up with Brazilliant

Jess lathering up with Brazilliant

Shampoo bars are fabulous for cleansing the hair, and they’ve all been formulated with unique ingredients to have different effects. Want big beachy hair? The ocean-inspired Seanik has loads of volumizing sea salt and softening Irish moss seaweed to give you gorgeously tousled hair. Aiming for shiny, citrus-scented tresses? The andiroba oil in Brazilliant is perfect for conditioning even the unruliest locks, and it’s paired with loads of fresh oranges to give your hair some serious shine.

We’ve also created solid conditioners to help you achieve your hair goals no matter where your travels take you. The Plumps, with its sexy, woodsy sandalwood perfume, is perfect for softening fine hair and giving it volume without weighing it down thanks to a generous helping of sea salt and honey. Natural and bottle blondes will love Sugar Daddy-O, made with extra purple pigment to keep your blonde from going brassy and a blend of coconut and argan oils for soft, strokable hair.

In addition to being great traveling companions, we love our solid haircare creations because they’re formulated without artificial preservatives or packaging. Whether or not you’re heading to a clothing-optional resort, naked haircare will always be a good thing.

Brush up on solid toothpaste

The ol’ toothpaste tube can also be a loose cannon in your bags, so save yourself the worry and pack toothy tabs or tooth powders instead. Whitening baking soda, purifying kaolin clay and a variety of essential oils make up our fun and tasty toothpastes.

To use toothy tabs, crunch one up in your front teeth until it turns into a fine paste, then go in with a wet toothbrush and start brushing. Rinse as usual and enjoy that fresh sensation. You’ll be surprised at how well these little tabs foam up. To use our tooth powders, dip a dampened toothbrush into the powder, then brush and rinse like you normally would.

Looking for that traditional toothpaste flavor? Our triple-mint Miles of Smiles is just what you’re looking for to give you an extra fresh mouth. Or, for a sweet and sparkling experience, brush with Tooth Fairy, a kaolin-based tooth powder infused with lemon and strawberries.

Stay dry with powder power

If you’re off to warmer climes, using our dusting powders is an easy way to keep yourself dry and comfortable. Everyone feels a little sexier in Silky Underwear, which leaves a beautiful smoky jasmine perfume on the skin. Just smooth this cornstarch and kaolin clay powder all over and it’ll absorb excess moisture all day long while keeping skin soft with tiny shavings of cocoa butter.

Planning on seeing the sights on foot? Keep feet feeling and smelling fresh at the end of the day by sprinkling one of our foot powders in your kicks before heading out the door. Give your feet the Midas touch with our golden Twinkle Toes, packed with antioxidant-rich moringa powder and fragranced with luxurious rose and geranium oils. Need something a little more hard-hitting? Try T for Toes with ingredients like powdered walnut leaf, tea tree oil and lime oil to keep feet from going funky.

For more Lush travel tips, visit your local store, or call our friendly customer care team at 1-888-733-5874. Bon voyage!

Make your next trip a breeze by packing and traveling with our innovative products.
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