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Product Stories - 26 Article(s)

These are exactly what we say they are; luxurious bath products which melt in your bathwater, releasing essential oils and emollient ingredients to perfume and soften the skin. Read more
Did you know that we invented solid Bubble Bar Slices, and even have a patent on them? One night LUSH co-founder and product inventor Helen Ambrosen left a sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar mixture out and it accidentally got wet Read more
It may seem like old news by now, but the concept of solid massage bars were another LUSH first. Read more
Our inventions for oral pleasure are little, solid, unpreserved tabs to clean your teeth – no aluminum or plastic tubes here. Read more
One of the many perks of working for LUSH is getting to see and try all the products before they’re released. How else are we going to tell you all about them? Read more
An almost edible honey rich shower gel for lovers of Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Hallelujah! Read more
If you've just stepped in from the cold outside and need to bring some heat back to your extremities, you need a Hottie in your life. Read more
We’re aware that most people know us as “that smelly soap shop”. But did you know why our shops smell so strongly? It’s because approximately 70% of our products are packaging-free. Read more
Hair treatments aren’t just for those in need of a serious hair overhaul! Using hair treatments on a regular basis is also part of maintaining your beautiful tresses. Read more
We know not everyone has a bathtub, or the time to bathe, or the desire to (that last one is lost on us). Read more
"I always find Mo, my wife, difficult to understand, but that can then be expressed through music. I don't really get her - she always leaves a little bit to be revealed..." -Mark Constantine, LUSH founder and product inventor Read more
We use scoops of sweet ground almonds in many of our skincare products because they create such a wonderful, gentle exfoliation. Read more
"When I was young, I had a crush on a beautiful French waitress who smelled of lemons." -Mark Constantine, LUSH founder and product inventor Read more
Although Mark is LUSH’s hair expert (he is a trained trichologist after all!) and very skilled at making wonderful hair care products, he often shares his ideas with Helen Ambrosen. Read more
“I see cosmetics as more of an art than science, and being able to draw beautiful pictures with ingredients like this is almost like painting a portrait and thinking ‘how does this sound?’ and ‘what effect is this going to have?” Read more
Make sure your perfect pout is ready for kissing with these Rose Jam scented wonders Read more