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Solid Shampoo

100% vegan, bottle-free and preservative-free. We save nearly 6 million bottles globally selling shampoo bars alone!

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We've been making Solid Shampoo since our conception. Back then we couldn't afford bottles so we combined our needs with our belief that making solid products is better because it means they can be preservative-free. Even though we can afford bottles and make gorgeous Bottled Shampoos now, we still love our Solid Shampoo and you will too. After listening to customer requests we’ve finally created a Dry Shampoo too! Don’t worry, it may be in a bottle but it’s 100% post-consumer waste. These are some of the most effective cleansing and wash extending products you'll ever put on your head. We’ve spent years formulating them carefully, so choose yours with equal care to suit your needs.
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Solid Shampoo
4 stars out of 5

Nourishing coconut shampoo leaves hair soft and strong

3.5 oz.
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