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Holiday Magic Is Here

Limited edition holiday gems have arrived

Holiday Gifts

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Lush x Lazy Oaf

Clean up your act with limited-edition products

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Body Spray

Lush X Lazy

Cozy and refined
$50.00 / 6.7 fl. oz.
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Foamy peppermint collab
$20.00 / 5.9 oz.

Unpack Exclusive Products with Lush Kitchen Subscription Boxes

It's like Christmas every month.

I'm a new subscriber to Lush Kitchen Box but a LUSHIE for at least the past 15 years. I feel like a child waiting for her Christmas surprise every month. I can't wait for the voting to start and then the excitement/anticipation of what goodies I'm about to receive. While I am on a budget, I substitute my Lush Kichen Box for a dinner out. This is how much I LOVE this box. I love the packaging. November's box was AMAZING!!! Did I say AMAZING yet?... I can't wait to vote for the next box. Lush never disappoints.



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Sustainable Gifts

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2022 Lush Advent Calendar

Don't miss out on all this handmade holiday cheer!

The most exciting thing about Christmas is the anticipation. But why reserve it for just one day? This limited-edition Advent Calendar delivers the excitement every day for 25 days!

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Gift Set

Lush Advent Calendar

The countdown is on
$300.00 / 110.9 oz.

Winter Weather Wearing You Down?

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Shower Gels

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