Golden Egg

Bath Bomb Melt 3.8 oz/108 g


A sweet honey-toffee Bath Bomb dipped in creamy, moisturizing cocoa butter—perfect for a long, luxurious soak.

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Carrot Gift

Filled with energizing springtime delights to liven up your tub.

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Funny Bunny


Get fresh with this cheeky chap! Filled with 6 zingy treats for vibrant Easter bathing.

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Bunch of Carrots

Reusable Bubble Bar 5.2 oz/147 g

Need a refreshing soak? Swish a carrot about in your tub, sink into the fresh lemon-bergamot foam, then set it aside for next time.

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Bubble Bar 7 oz/200 g

For a fresh perspective, crumble this swirling orange bar into your tub and sink into its uplifting citrus bubbles.


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Fluffy Egg

Bath Bomb 4.5 oz/130 g

Bathe in softening pink waters for skin that smells like scrumptious cotton candy!

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The Immaculate Eggception - Yellow

Rattling Bath Bomb 8.6 oz/245 g

Three Bath Bombs in one! Crack this energizing grapefruit and vanilla-scented egg open for a springtime surprise.

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Which Came First?

Rattling Bath Bomb 8.6 oz/245 g

Rattle, rattle, what's inside? Crack this refreshing vanilla-grapefruit egg open to find out, then enjoy three baths of silky water!

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Bubble Bar 2.8oz/79 g

Hop in the tub with this vanilla bunny for masses of sweet bubbles. Made with loads of shea butter for seriously soft skin.

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Carrot Soap

Soap 3.5 oz/100 g

Lather up with this fresh lemon and cocoa butter soap for soft, gently cleansed skin.

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