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A rose by any other name is nearly the same
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An ancient symbol of love and innocence, roses have a long history of being one of the most highly valued and distinctly scented flowers for thousands of years.

One sniff and you’re treated to a multi-layered fragrance that’s made up of a blend of more than 300 components – complex yet delicate, it’s a scent that’s instantly recognizable.

We use roses in a wide range of our bath and skincare products. Whether it’s rose oil, rose petals, rose water, rose wax, rosebuds or rose absolute, each one is added to give our luxurious delights a soothing touch and a beautiful fragrance. At Lush, everything’s coming up roses!

Rose oil

The rose oil we use comes from gently steam distilling damask rose petals. Its fragrant nature lends itself perfectly to products like our Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie to give it a super soft and silky texture with a delicate scent. Dry, rough, irritated or mature skin? You’ll definitely want to check out products with plenty of rose oil.

Rose absolute

Similar to rose oil, rose absolute is also obtained through a distillation process. The end product is a material that has been described as “the true essence of the rose” thanks to its intensely fragrant nature. Think of it as a thicker version of rose oil but with a scent that really packs punch. You’ll see it appear across a range of products from Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion to our Rose Jam Bubbleroon, where it’s used to soothe, calm, moisturize and perfume the skin.

Barbara using Rosy Cheeks

Barbara using Rosy Cheeks

Rose petals and rosebuds

Fresh, dried, chopped or whole, we pack some of our most beloved products with rose petals. Why? Well, rose petals provide soothing, toning and calming properties for irritated skin. They’re also gentle enough for sensitive skin types, which is perfect when you’re looking to cleanse and soothe with our Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face MaskDream Steam Tab or Soak and Float Shampoo Bar. And rosebuds? Check out Amandopondo’s single perfect rosebud, used to give it a beautiful finishing touch.

Rose water

For centuries, rose water has been used to help soothe the skin. Ancients Greeks and Romans would infuse rose petals in water (the same way you might make tea) and it’s still how we do it today. We use rose water in Eau Roma Water Toner Water and Ultrabland Facial Cleanser, two of our gentlest products, because it helps skin retain its moisture and is mildly astringent, so skin is left looking balanced and even.

Rose wax

Extracted from rose concrete (a substance that’s left behind after soaking rose petals in natural alcohol and then filtering the mixture many times), rose wax is a compound that has a subtle rosy scent and a thick, emollient texture. It helps gives Ultrabland a rich texture that’s both moisturizing and protective.

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