5 Benefits of Bathing

Not just fun and fizz
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Taking baths for the sake of #bathart is awesome, but the benefits of bathtime go beyond amazing visuals.

People around the world have been hopping in the tub for hundreds of years, and for good reasons!

1. Fight a cold

When you’re battling a cold or flu, your throat and sinuses can get inflamed, leaving you hoarse and achy. Breathing in steamy air while you’re in the bath brings soothing relief in the form of gentle heat and moisture, which can put you comfortably on the road to recovery. Steam will also help to decongest your lungs and sinuses, helping you breathe and sleep more easily.

Get steamy to combat a cold or flu

Hot baths for colds

2. Send yourself off to sleep

After taking a few minutes to soak in warm, fragrant water, you probably already feel calm, relaxed and ready to nod off. When the cool air hits your skin when you step out of your bath, your brain also releases melatonin, a hormone that can help you fall asleep even more easily. Travelers often take melatonin as a supplement to help them adjust to a new time zone, but you can get yours the all natural way by hopping in the bath before bed.

3. Soothe your skin

Bathing in warm water opens your pores, leaves skin refreshed and glowing, and gives you the opportunity to deeply moisturize by adding rich oils and butters to your bathwater. Toss a Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment into your bath and its blend of organic cocoa and shea butters, almond oil and coconut oil will melt into your skin, providing a hefty dose of moisture. Or if your skin is especially sensitive or dry, try Ceridwen’s Cauldron for the added benefit of soothing oat milk.

4. Improve circulation

As you submerge your body in warm water, it immediately responds by sending more blood to your skin’s surface, giving you a flushed, rosy look. Your arteries and veins also expand temporarily, lowering blood pressure by creating more room for blood to flow through. This can help you leave your stresses behind and literally soak your troubles away. Studies have also shown that a hot bath can give your body a boost similar to the effects of exercise.

Sinking deep into a hot bath can help give your body and mind a boost


5. A scent-sational moment

The essential oils in our products can change your bathing experience by impacting your mood: consider how you would like to feel, then choose your essential oil accordingly. If you’re after a soothing soak, lavender and rose are great for calming the mind. Try A French Kiss, loaded with French lavender and rosemary, or Rose Jam, full of vanilla and rose, for a totally relaxing reprieve.

If you need something more energizing, choose a product with lots of sunny citrus oils to lift your spirits and get you going. Big Blue’s lemon oil can clear the mind and help you adopt a sunnier perspective;  and Sunnyside’s orange, lemon and tangerine oil blend will leave you cheery and chipper (and possibly covered in golden glimmer).

Sometimes, all you really need is a little alone time, and a bath is the perfect quick retreat. For help choosing the best bath products for you, visit your local shop or call our customer care team at 1-888-733-5874.

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