From Dreary to Cheery

This is Halloween
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Short days, long nights and moody skies shrouded in clouds: welcome to fall.

A change in seasons means a change in the weather, and for many, your mood too. But fear not! You can make the most of these dreary months with the help of our limited edition Halloween collection.

Bathtime bliss

With blustery winds and gloomy rain, we could hardly blame you for wanting to spend more time indoors. And what better way to pass the time than getting warm and cozy in the tub? Light a candle, pour yourself a delicious drink, hit play on whatever series you’re currently binging and you’re on your way to domestic bliss.

If you love a bubble bath, you’ll want to jump in the tub with Bewitched right meow! Don’t worry, there’s nothing unlucky about this black kitty. Just crumble it up under running warm water to conjure up mounds of berry-scented bubbles on top of dark, mysterious waters.

Prefer the fizzing theatrics of a bath bomb? We’ve got three returning fan favorites to fawn over. Monsters’ Ball is back to paint a purple and blue, lime-scented fantasia in your bath, but if you’re after something sweeter, Pumpkin will appease you with its cinnamon-y pumpkin pie perfume. And of course, Lord Of Misrule is back to inspire devotion and loyalty in all of us with its color-changing tricks and sweet, musky blend of vanilla and patchouli. (And those who love that warm aroma—we know there are a lot of you—can get it in a shower cream as well.)

Supernatural soaps

That constant gray curtain of clouds can take a toll on your mood, so thankfully there are two outrageously fruity soaps in our Halloween lineup to brighten your day every time you lather up. Hedgewitch is packed with moisturizing fair trade organic cocoa butter and nutritious blackberries for spellbinding skin, and emits a juicy, fruity perfume of Sicilian mandarin oil and bittersweet petitgrain oil when it bubbles up. And the magnificently citrusy Magic Wand, full of orange and tangerine oils, is back to thoroughly cleanse skin with detoxifying charcoal and vitamin-rich pomegranate.

Black Rose Lip Tint

Mystical blooms

Lots of people feel the changing seasons in their dry, flaky lips, but life doesn’t have to be this way: our Black Rose collection will restore moisture to your lips and keep them comfortable.

Start with Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub to sweep away dry skin with scrubby sugar and charcoal in a buttery, moisturizing base. Just rub this ornate little tile on your lips, massage the creamy formula in, then lick off the excess for smooth lips and a fruity, minty flavor. Don’t forget to follow up with your favorite lip balm to keep those lips moisturized and soft.

If you’re looking for a new lip color for fall, give Black Rose Lip Tint or its unpackaged twin Black Rose Naked Lip Tint a go. Although that black shade looks menacing (and let’s be honest, unwearable for most of us), these tints magically bloom into a bright purple-pink, fluorescent plum shade once you apply them. Kalahari melon and jojoba oils give your lips a comfortable, softening slip, and help these tints stain your lips for hours.

Light up the night

Just because summer’s come to an end doesn’t mean that you should abandon your fun, glittery cosmetics! Showing off some skin at a Halloween party? Get ready by having a bath with either of our glittery pumpkin bubble bars (the sweet-floral Pink Pumpkin or the citrus-herbal Sparkly Pumpkin), then swipe the adorable Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar wherever you want a healthy-looking, moisturized glow, a touch of holographic shimmer and a hit of a sweet, tart grapefruit and bergamot perfume.

If the cold and lack of sun have your face looking a bit dull, Feeling Younger Skin Tint can help restore some light (and life) back into your skin. Just blend a dab of our creamy highlighter into your moisturizer for all-over luminosity, or use it on its own on the high points of your face—cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow, nose and chin—to make them glow even in the dark of night.

Check out our entire Halloween range by visiting your local Lush shop, or learn more about the products by calling our friendly customer care team at 1-888-733-5874.

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