3 Surprising Benefits of Massage

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There are few things that rival the pleasure of a good massage after a tough day, and although they may feel amazing, the benefits of a good rubdown go beyond making your body feel better.

Stress release

We love massages for their ability to relieve muscle tension, they can also ease feelings of anxiety. Studies have found that people receiving regular massages have reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Reducing cortisol levels can improve memory, immune function and promote an overall sense of well-being. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and a relaxing massage is in order, our Organic Therapy Massage Bar is a perfect companion. Soothing lavender and neroli oils create a truly euphoric scent, which is especially wonderful when it’s being massaged into your shoulders by an enthusiastic masseuse.

Focus on areas that hold tension, like the shoulders.

 Focus on areas that hold tension, like the shoulders.

Strengthen relationships

It’s official: massages keep relationships strong. (You’re welcome to use that information to your advantage!) A recent study showed that volunteers who received a light-touch massage showed higher levels of oxytocin, a hormone that promotes human bonding. Even better news? You don’t need to be a skilled masseuse to make your partner feel fantastic. Start with light caresses on the neck, back and shoulders, and ask for feedback on areas that need more or less attention and pressure. They’ll gladly give you direction and as much time as you need to practice! For a fun and sexy couples massage, try our sweet honey-chocolate bar, Soft Coeur, or our sultry jasmine-scented bar, Yes Yes Yes.

Sleep soundly

Research shows that massage can help us sleep soundly—and who couldn’t use more sleep? Especially if sleeplessness is caused by stress, anxiety or muscle soreness, a good rub-down can be just the thing to send you off to dreamland. No willing partner in sight? No problem. Self-massage provides the same stress-busting and sleep-promoting benefits as being massaged by another set of hands. And the best part is that you know exactly the spots that could use a good rubdown! Grab a soothing bar like Peace and focus on areas where you tend to carry tension like your neck and shoulders, or rub your temples and scalp with slow, circular motions. Peace’s gentle lavender-chamomile aroma will help soothe your senses and relax your body into a tranquil slumber. Ah, that’s better.

Ready to experience the benefits of massage for yourself? Check out our entire range of massage bars online, or visit your local shop to see them in person.

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