Goodbye to Cruelty Free Cosmetics

EU Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics Ingredients Conceals a Massive Increase in Animal Testing in Europe.

For decades the British public, along with concerned organisations and companies like Lush Cosmetics, have been calling for an end to animal testing for cosmetics. So the EU Cosmetics Directive ban on testing cosmetics ingredients on animals, which comes into force on 11th March, should be a day for celebrations. But we are now bracing ourselves for a massive increase in animal experiments under another EU regulation, REACH, which mandates that any ingredients not previously tested on animals have to undergo animal tests, totally contradicting the ban under the Cosmetics Directive and effectively spelling the end of cruelty-free cosmetics.

This completely undermines the spirit of this Directive, which was intended to put an end to animal testing for cosmetics once and for all. It is also contrary to what the public want and takes away consumer choice for non-animal tested products. All of this is happening quietly and out of the public eye, with most people already under the impression that animal testing for cosmetics is a shameful relic of the past.

The EU are behaving like Jekyll and Hyde - on the one hand telling us that we must not, under any circumstances, test cosmetic ingredients on animals, while on the other hand demanding that we commission new animal tests for these same ingredients. While Lush approve the aims of REACH (keeping dangerous chemicals out of the environment) we are utterly opposed to animal testing and refuse to pay or sanction cruel tests for the ingredients we us. Andrew Butler, LUSH Campaigns manager says:


"Today we should be uncorking the champagne after decades of calling for an end to animal testing for cosmetic ingredients. Unfortunately, European bureaucracy has blindsided us all and we are faced with the largest and most costly animal testing regime imaginable. The REACH chemical legislation could mean and end to all cruelty free cosmetics and the beginning of mandatory animal testing of everything. This is a hugely complex issue but we must all educate ourselces and be ready once again to take to the streets, to march, to protest and to petition against animal testing for cosmetics."