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We’ve partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) to make it easier for the trans community and their allies to find the help and support they need.

NCTE is a US-based organization that offers in-depth resources for trans people and allies. Their website houses content about the trans community’s experiences, and they also provide guidance on trans people’s rights and how to find legal help in case of discrimination or mistreatment.

Action centers are another amazing NCTE resource: whether you’re looking to make a difference at the school, state or national level, these action centers will guide you along the way. NCTE’s Executive Director Mara Keisling says, "You can be an advocate for yourself. There are so many people out in the world who have your back.

“Even if your family or school or other community isn't supportive, there are people all over—including the staff at NCTE—who do support you. We do this work to make our society better for you, and you can join in that work. We're ready to help."

Get educated

Understand the issues: NCTE provides education on 19 issues that affect the trans community, ranging from employment to housing and homelessness. Each page begins with a brief description of the topic, and directs readers to comprehensive resources from NCTE and other partners.

Know your rights: NCTE also has a “Know Your Rights ” resource that explains how transgender people are—and aren’t—protected by the law. These pages educate readers on what their rights are, what laws protect them and what they can do if they face discrimination.

Take action

At school: For students hoping to make a difference at school, there’s the School Action Center. This page walks students through a step-by-step guide on how to make a difference for trans people in schools. To support students in this process, NCTE has compiled FAQs, fact sheets, a list of laws and policies by state and documentation on policies from the Department of Education. There’s guidance on who to reach out to for support, plus a list of prominent organizations that have made strong statements supporting trans students.

At the state level: At the time of publishing, it’s the beginning of a new legislative session, and so far, there are six states that have introduced anti-trans bills for consideration. The State Action Center lists these states and briefly describes their bills, and it’ll be updated with opportunities to take action once it’s appropriate to do so. So stay tuned!

At the national level: The current administration has taken a discriminatory stance on several topics that affect the trans community directly, from the proposed ban on transgender people serving in the military, to proposing a regulation that would allow healthcare providers to deny care to the trans community because of who they are. On the National Action Center page, you can find a current list of the discriminatory actions the federal government has proposed or acted on, and how to speak out.

Because the proposed health care regulation is so serious, NCTE has also created a specific Health Care Action Center with information about the legislation and how to take action.

Share your stories

NCTE also runs two communities that empower trans people and allies to advocate for transgender rights. There is no cost to join either Families for Trans Equality or Voices for Trans Equality, and they both offer resources and training free of charge. Members receive guidance on how to tell their stories to change the hearts and minds of various audiences; training and updates on federal, state and local policies so they can push for changes that support the trans community; and opportunities to share stories in the media that show the importance of acceptance and trans-inclusive policies. In the Families for Trans Equality network, there is also the opportunity to forge family-to-family connections to share resources and news.

Build alliances

"Gender can be an ever-evolving identity and we continue to learn about ourselves each day. We encourage young trans folks to find a community at school, in your city or online that you can talk to and explore gender with. And we encourage young trans students to organize, advocate and mobilize for trans visibility and trans justice to create safer and welcoming schools and communities." —Rexy Amaral, Northern California Youth Organizer, GSA Network

The is a next-generation LGBTQ2+ racial and gender justice organization that helps LGBTQ2+ students and straight allies organize GSA clubs focused on activism to create safer schools. GSA has historically stood for Gay-Straight Alliance, but many clubs have expanded their names beyond the Gay-Straight binary: some examples include Genders and Sexualities Alliance, Queer Students Alliance, Pride Club, etc.

GSA Network’s resources empower students to advocate for safe school policies, mobilize their peers to stand up for safety and equality and train teachers to stop bullying. By providing in-depth leadership and activist training for youth, GSA Network is building the next generation of leaders for LGBTQ2+ rights and social justice.

Support our partners

Conversations about the trans community are entering the mainstream more than ever before, and organizations like NCTE are working hard to support trans folks and educate allies on important topics. To support them, you can buy Charity Pot Body Lotion: 100 percent of its price (minus the taxes) goes to organizations working in the areas of human rights, animal welfare and environmental conservation.

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