Our soaps are now MPG-free!

Always the innovators…
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We’re excited to announce that all batches of soaps as of July 2015 have been produced without the use of mono propylene glycol (MPG)!

Over the past few years we’ve been working hard to reduce the environmental impact of our soaps. First we worked on replacing the palm oil in the vegetable soap flakes we use, and since then all our soaps have been made with a palm-free soap base. There are a few more ingredients that concern us because they could contain traces of palm oil, so our buying team continues to work towards replacing them, so that we can finally be sure that our soap is always completely palm-free.

With this project under our belt, we then moved on to removing all petrochemicals (products derived from petroleum processes) from our soaps which means mono propylene glycol (MPG). This is often used as a humectant in cosmetics and it has been used in our soaps as a solubilizer (to melt the soap flakes), so is a pretty important part of the soap-making process.

Each of these initiatives takes time and much experimentation, but we’re finally at a stage where not only are we using a new replacement material called sorbitol in our newer soaps, but we’ve also reworked all your favorite soaps to incorporate it too. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol commercially derived from corn syrup. It has many uses in both the cosmetics and food industries, and is a suitable, non-petrochemical replacement for MPG.

Since July 2015 we have switched all our soap production to our updated MPG-free formulation. We hope you enjoy them!