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Black Ninja
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Black Ninja

Clandestine candy fizz
3.3 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Item No. 09201
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Need a little time to yourself? Enter stealth mode and escape to the tub with this soothing little fizzer. Run the water and toss it in, listening to the crackling bits of popping candy as your bomb skitters across the surface of your bath. Then sink deep beneath inky waters and enjoy the grounding fragrance of earthy patchouli and sweet geranium oils.

Black Ninja
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Not what I expected

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Michigan, USA | 5 days ago

I was hoping for something more like Dark Magic or Black Rose, with a nice black water. It was more like dirty gray. Scent was okay.

Love smell, hate residue mess

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Northern CA | 6 days ago

I love the warm patchouli-ish scent. Texture of water was silky. I didn't mind that the water was only 'tinted' gray, because the scent is why I purchased this bomb. It's hard to find a scent that isn't sweet or vanilla-ladened. This is perfectly scented. I did NOT like the coal-like residue on my tub. Like others, I had to wipe down my tub. Doing so took away the relaxation I felt. Although... my bathroom and house smelled amazing for awhile! My family even complimented to aroma. Catch-22. I would love this scent in a solid perfume!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not a bit of color

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Norcross GA | 11 days ago

The picture online shows black water. The description online says "sink into inky waters." This is completely false. The bath bomb has zero color to it. The water was completely clear after I used it. I assumed it was defective so I emailed Lush. They told me that there is actually very little color in this bath bomb despite the misleading picture and description. Nothing stealth or ninja about this bomb. False advertising.


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Phoenix, AZ | 12 days ago

I naively went into this expecting a somewhat opaque black bath. Which is a tough thing to ask for, I know. Instead of looking like I'm in a dark tar pit or something, my bath currently looks like I hung out in some black paint and washed it all off beforehand except for 3 drops. Basically, it's not black at all. It kinda looks like you're in dirty grayish purplish water. I do however like that the scent completely disappears as I bought this literally only for the color and not the smell. I'm not a fan of cinnamon so I didn't mind the lack of scent, but if you love cinnamon or want a bath bomb that's really scented, this isn't it. I rushed to buy this as it was a limited sale due to it possibly being discontinued (I can't remember). I love Lush and will continue to buy from them, but I'm asking you, Lush, please make a black bath bomb. As black as Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon or something, I don't know!

Amazing scent

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Boston | 13 days ago

One of Lush's best scents: a spicy, incence-y fragrance that lingers well after bathtime. Really bummed this is getting discontinued. I can only hope they're reformulating and will include the scent in another future product.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Umm. WHAT?!

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Las Vegas | 21 days ago

This bath bomb is very relaxing... if you find scrubbing your bathtub down afterward "relaxing". For a bath bomb with the water coloring that resembles dropping a single piece of coal into a tub, it's an absolute mess. The only bomb WORTH scrubbing the tub for, is dark arts (which in my opinion should just be brought back with a different name?? Not like we like J.K. anymore anyway). That bomb could make me do ANYTHING. But no, we get coal miner tub water with GLITTER. Speaking of glitter, the glitter is nice. I'm sparkling like a Twilight vampire and I'm not mad. Oh btw, if you wanted a nice scent, the nice smell stays in the bag and is never to be seen again when it hits the water. So basically, this bomb is the worst.

It's Not What You Expect

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Arkansas | 22 days ago

I see a lot of people complaining about this bath bomb. I actually like it but it's not what they show it to be. There is only a thin layer of black on the outside and then it's white and some red. So the water doesn't look black, it's grey. But it's also sparkly and there are LITTLE STARS in it which I loved! Overall it's really a good bath bomb. The website is just misleading. It smells great and my skin feels so soft. I would still recommend this 100%.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Disappointed to say the least

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Oakland, CA | 24 days ago

I was excited for the bath bomb to turn my bath the color of my soul. Instead the black fizzed for 10 seconds, turned white and a sad fiz of light pink spurted and then was overcome by white nothingness again. There is no scent and the only colors it gave me makes it look like I got my period and decided to sit in the water for 20 mins. Nothing black or ninja about this product.

Extremely disappointed

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Knoxville, TN | 26 days ago

I bought this product fully expecting the Lush bath bomb experience that I love. What I got was a crumbling mess that completely disappeared when I put it in my tub. I couldn't be more disappointed.

Wonderful Aroma & Skin

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Mission Viejo, CA | 29 days ago

I absolutely love the smell of this bath bomb-probably my favorite. My water looked pretty clear. It did make crackling sounds which I didn't really care about. My skin was so soft afterward and looked more balanced and toned. Love this bath bomb! I'm buying more!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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