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Honey I Washed The Kids
Honey I Washed The Kids
Honey I Washed The Kids
Honey I Washed The Kids
Honey I Washed The Kids
Honey I Washed The Kids

Honey I Washed The Kids

Un bee-lievable baths
4.7 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 09232
Looking for a sweet pick-me-up? This vegan caramel-scented fizzer could bee just the ticket! It has the same fan fave butterscotch aroma as our bestselling Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, and it'll do wonders for wintry skin too. Fair trade organic cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil soak you in a rich dose of hydration while a touch of aloe vera calms and relieves, giving you all-over comfort in the deep of winter. If you're a die-hard honey fan, be sure to pick this limited edition bomb up before it buzzes away.
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Honey I Washed The Kids
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Fill your tub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance.

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Honey I Washed Myself

San Francisco | 6 days ago

I ordered all things Honey I Washed The Kids scented, (except the Body Spray- not available for shipping to California. But you can buy it in store- when things re-open,) because the soap is my favorite. The Bath Bomb delivers a scintillating sunshine-y yellow colored bath and the scent puts me in a mellow mood. The orange discs transport my body to the next level of relaxation, as I used them for a bit of self-massage as the oils dispersed into the bathwater. The lovely honey toffee scent lingered on my skin, as I tucked myself into bed for some sweet dreams. Nitey nite xx
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Interesting combo

Portland, OR | 8 days ago

The smell was nice. However, the color desperately needs to be re-considered. It looked like I was soaking in a tub of concentrated urine. (I work in medicine).
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Loved it

NS | 17 days ago

Wonderful Colour, nice bright yellow, the oil disks smelled nice complimented the scent of the bomb not to mention the perfect amount to moisturize the skin. The scents weren't over powering, making for a nice bathing experience
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Looks like pee and blood

Vancouver | 21 days ago

Weird off putting urine yellow colour with oily bright red streaks that look like blood.

Delicious smell

Toronto | 1 month ago

I loved this smell and how moisturizing it was. I know a lot of people have commented that the yellow made them think of pee, but to me it's such a bright vivid yellow that didn't look like pee so I was okay and didn't mind. I didn't really like the film of orange that it left in some spots from the little butter wafers. I however would buy this again because of the smell
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Just okay for me; not amazing but not terrible.

Atlanta, GA | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I picked this one up because I love the HIWTK scent. It definitely delivered on the scent for me and lasted even after I did a light rinse off. It's SUPER moisturizing (almost too moisturizing for me!) but if you have dry skin you'd probably love it. Like others said, it is a rather simple bath bomb so this isn't one where you're getting all the bells and whistles. And it does turn the water a bright yellow. I didn't think it seemed like a pee color but I also know that the bombs that turn the water yellow tend to have that association for a lot of people. It was fun to try but don't think I'll buy again.

How Sweet !

Cookstown | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Really hydrating overall. Lovely faint scent, and my skin felt great after. Fizzed well. 4 stars only because the colour when it's done made me feel like I was sitting in a tub of pee.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love it

California | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

One of my absolute favs! Love the smell
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

A must have!

Quakertown, Pa | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I'm so terribly sad this is a limited edition item. I'll keep wishing for it to be permanent. The smell is exactly like the honey I washed the kids shampoo bar which is where I first fell in love with this scent. The bath melts inside add the perfect amount of moisture to my skin. It's not greasy just very lovely. I personally don't mind the yellow color it turns the water but I can see why some are bothered by it. I live in Pa where winter wreaks havoc on my skin but this was like rehab for my dry patches. Will be stocking up on this!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Mmm the smell

Cupar | 5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I do enjoy the hiwtk line from lush so naturally had to try the bathbomb. Fizzed away too fast for my liking but made my skin soft and the smell didn't disappoint so it was a fair trade. The color intrigued me. While in one sense it does kind of look like pee that has sat in the toilet too long, it is also a different yellow and that's what has me intrigued. Would i get again, yes i would. Its a decent bathbomb overall
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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