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Snow Fairy

Exclusive Xmas bathing
This product does not contain animal products of any kind.


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Snow Fairy

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6.3 oz.

Snow Fairy reveals herself in many forms, and this new and exciting jelly bomb is perhaps her most magical manifestation yet! Relax and enjoy the dazzling display of colors as the jelly bubbles on the surface and creates a frothy, foamy layer. Just like our shower jellies, this bomb will soothe and soften skin, while cruelty-free synthetic musk unleashes a sweet fragrance into the air. Fun and comforting, you'll be sinking into jelly soaks regularly this holiday season.
How to use: Put your jelly bomb into the tub and help it dissolve by holding it under the running water, swirling it around in the tub or playing with it as it slowly fizzes.

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