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Bathosaurus rex
This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
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9.5 oz.
These goodies are available online now, and will start hopping into stores starting March 18th—check with your local shop to confirm availability.

If you’re looking for a Jurassic bath, the rapturous fizz and crackle of this treat is a T-rrific choice! Grab your prehistoric surprise from inside, then pop one or both bath bomb halves in the water to enjoy a legendary peach-and-strawberry-scented soak. Your Fun dino can be molded, crumbled under running water for an eruption of bubbles, or used to wash your skin. A dino-mite encounter with grapefruit oil and popping candy? Rawr-some.

How to use: Drop into your bath water, then use the dino as a bubble bath, shampoo or soap.